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EAM Mobile


EAM Mobile is the simplest and most intuitive mobile solution for Maximo. In this way, your technicians have access to the jobs assigned to them anytime, anywhere. Even if, temporarily, they have no connection to Maximo, they can process orders as well as confirm working hours and material. They can even take photos of a damage for documentary purposes and include them into the history of the respective facility.

In contrast to almost all other mobile solutions, the EAM mobile solution does not need any installation, but uses the existing Maximo server.

There never was a simpler possibility to start mobile order processing immediately. Start using EAM mobile today.

  • Clear display of the order list
  • Orders grouped by facility / location
  • Employees only receive orders assigned to them
  • Recording of working hours and material consumption
  • Reporting of order completion
  • Supports integrated camera functions for documentation of e. g. damage cases
  • Display the role of the user:
    - Assignment to employee or maintenance group
    - Owner or owner group
    - responsible person
  • Intuitive operation without training
  • Automatic switch over from
    online to offline operation
  • Optimized for use with smartphones or tablets
  • Required functionality only /
    Slim and simple solution
  • Optimized for order processing, order confirmation and order completion Color representation of not yet synchronized contents
  • Supported devices: Android smartphones and tablets, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad, Windows 8 phone and tablet
  • Browsers: all JavaScript-enabled browsers with HTML5 extension Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iE10
  • Maximo version: available as from Maximo 7.6
  • No additional server or third-party applications required / runs on existing Maximo server
  • No app or software installation necessary on the mobile device

For EAM MaaS licensed customers

EAM Mobile is an integral part of EAM MaaS licenses and can therefore be used free of charge by customers who are licensed via the EAM MaaS model. The number of users who can use the mobile solution corresponds to the number of licensed users in Maximo.

Licensing of the mobile solution

Customers who are not licensed via the EAM MaaS model can simply license and use the mobile solution by paying an annual fee. Updates and functional extensions are included in the annual fee.

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